On Holy ground
Crime as many causes. Some people where born with parents who themselfs where imperfect, giving a bad influence to their childrens, ( I am not trying to put the blame on the parents here). Some childrens where abused, some parents drank all the time, others gave their childrens mental and physical bruises, some parents where drug addicts, thiefs, molesters, etc. Some criminals became this way because of crime being perpetuate by governement and police officers (endangering the lives of good officer). Not all so called criminals are criminals, some where classified this way unjustly, like Jesus himself and many of His followers. Many innocent people where and are incarcerated. Christ said do not judge others. No, do not judge them if you do not have the science. Even if a person was judged a criminal, do not judge if you do not have the science. Many judges where misled by mischief and other fraudulent behaviors. ( a study was made and affirmed that criminals are as a majority irreligious)
"Some innocents on death row where saved by priests who made processions for them"
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