On Holy ground
  formation of the human race
When God formed the humand race and gave birth to mankind, he first formed man and then the woman, there was only two person on the face of the earth, and they both  gave birth to sons and daughters. In the beginning, since there was only two person, Adam and Eve and there childrens, brothers and sisters where permitted to have childrens together, After a while when there was enough people in the world, this practice was abolished and named incest. The different kind of races came into being from crossbreeding, from the influence of their habitat and their food consumption... . It is well known in the church that sinning can change the face of a person, seen in some persons who practiced withcraft. Some time it takes centuries for the changes to occur.

( According to the church and scientist, the first humans where created fully grown, otherwise how could a baby take care of itself and survive)
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