On Holy ground
When we have to defend ourselfs against an attack, one must learn how to defend himself appropriately, just force must be applied, (it might happen)if a person can run, he as too, if his attacker is not an immediate threat to his life, some could of escape martyrdom and did not. Pray for your ennemies and do good to them, at times they have to be shunned, at other times blessed, at other times corrected privatly or publicly. When Jesus was persecuted by Saul He said, Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me? Do not revil when being reviled, love your ennemies. In the law of moses it is mentionned an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, because in those days ( and ours )people where punishing more than the person deserved. If a person can shoot his adversary in one of his leg and spare his life, with the ennemy posing no more treath to him, this must he do. It is good to learn and know how mutch the harm done is worth, the reasons you can strike, for what reasons you can kill, their is a way when a disput starts, how to start to defend oneself and how to put an end to disputes, whitout beeing illegal.

"Learn to walk with the Lord in obedience, and you will be at peace even with your worst ennemy"

 it is written in the teaching of the twelves(didache) if you love those who hate you you will have no ennemies. The  teching of the twelve was a work very recommended by athanase, bishop of alexandrie, great counsellor of the pope Damas

 if the ennemie, who is also considered our neighbour, is in an extreem spiritual nedd we must help him even at the risk of our own life, in an extreem temporal need we must help him even at our own grave inconvenience. Forgiveness cannot be withheld towards our ennemies, if he ask for it, even implicitely
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