On Holy ground
Many are the causes of wars such as theft of important documents (some, if handled without right knowledge could cause great damage), and too mutch corruption in a nation. In the latter case, when a nation is too mutch corrupted, neighbouring nations have a right to interfere by declaring war, to end corruption. Covetousness of land is very destructive in nature and causes mutch damage. Wars can be ended by duels(civilians cannot fight in a duel), agreements, at other time enough damage has been made or the objective as been reached. Some times both side are on the wrong path and need to be corrected. ( learn to handle the s"word" and your strengnt, "power" will be increased). Courage is a virtue it can be increased or lost.

"Do not rejoice when your enemies falls"

"Again, if you learn how to behave as the Lord wishes, you will be at peace with your ennemies"
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