On Holy ground
  Good and bad religion
There is many different types of religion in the world today. Some people adhering to certain forms of religion really believe they are serving God and that their religion is the truth. But some, many, have been mislead either by ignorance, errors (especially by priests), fraud, lies, scandals, etc... . Some angels, fallen angels, often transforme themselfs into angels of light, saying the thruth only to later misleads people, even by making what seems to be miracles. Many religions have good intentions and are in good faith, unfortunately many have been deceived. Are they guilty? Idolatry as destroyed some of the wealthiest nations in the world, like Rome. The truth, the law, is based on common sense. Who makes the most sense out of all this? true Christianity? God gave us everything we need for our salvation.
(Most if not all religions contain some truthfullness)

Judaism was the true religion of God until the coming of the messiah Jesus Christ and the forming of the new church

Mohametism, according to my knowledge, science and evidence, (and the vatican)is not the true religion, it as no divine revelation and lacks proof of such, and of its doctrine, such as miracles and prophecies. Furtermore it was formed six hundred years after Jesus Christ coming in the flesh... .
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