On Holy ground
  What happened
In the beginning, when God created the universe, before man came into existence, there was a rebellion in His kingdom. Lucifer, a cherubic angel, perfect in his beauty, ( called satan after the rebellion) wanted to be higher than God His creator, and called many angels ( called demons after the rebellion)  to follow Him in His ways, and this is the first sin commited in the history of the creation. After this great rebellion, God casted them out of His kingdom, for their evilness and rebellion.

When God created mankind, being just, He showed them what was good and what was bad and also what would happen if they went on the wrong path. Adam and Eve, the first human being God created, both of them cunned by the old serpent, the devil, commited the first sin on the planet earth, and after this sin, the cause of all troubles on the planet, they both got expelled from paradise, loosing their state of immortality, brigning suffering on them and all mankind, their decendants.

Sin is the cause of suffering on the face of the earth and, by sin covetousness, pride and idolatry came into existence. Idolatry is the worshipping of false Gods, man made objects, animals, and mens, worshipped and adored as Gods. This is how perversion came into beeing and corruption filled our world. False religions was given birth to and deception decieved whole nations.

Since the world became extreemly perverted with corruption in early human history ,God decided to kill every human flesh on the face of the earth, sparing only a handfull of faithfull people and some animals. By a great flood that submerged all the land  of the planet, God put an end to the lives of all the inhabitants of the world, except, as stated before a handfull of persons and animals, because of their viciouss way of life.

The planet became inhabitable once again and God's faithfull, began to populate the earth, but soon afterward it became corrupted once more. And again God punished the inhabitants, but made a covenant never to destroy all living flesh again, because since man's birth, evil lies within him.

God chose for Himself a population, a chosen people, to set an example to all the  other nations on earth. God chose Israel as His chosen ones and gave them many blessings. The God of Israel was their king and governed them for a while, until they asked to have an earthly king as the other nations. God warned them of troubles ahead if He gave them their request, but nevertheless Israel insisted and God gave to their request. It was not soon that Israel started sinning, so God sent them prophets to warn them of the consequences of their rebeliousness and their chastisements if they did not amend their behavior, but still they persisted in their sins. Finally God punished them with famines, pestillences, wars and other righetouess judgment which He warned them would fall on them because of their corrupted ways. Israel still remained God's chosen people, but as a Father He corrected them for their evil ways.

God is just, perfect and the greatest good in the universe and up to this days, He punishes people for their wickedness and rewards them for their good actions. Today, innocent people suffer as a consequence not of their sins, but because of other people's sins. As propheciesed in the scriptures our troubles will get worse , especially if we do not repent and behave according to His goodwill. Unfortunatly the Holy scriptures prophecies that still there is great suffering on our way and it will be felt all over our planet, but the good news is that His son, Jesus Christ is coming back with His angels and priest ,to restore the order on the planet and end all sufferings plaguing the world.

It is by solidarity, by joining our hands together, that we can speed the progress of healing and minimize the extreem suffering coming ahead in the near future. If we are faithfull our lives will be saved but if we are obstinate, hell is waiting at the door.

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